September 20, 2009

Eyes That See

In John 9, Jesus touched the eyes of the man who was blind from birth. After, he was so transformed, that even his neighbors and those who knew him before, did not recognize him (vs 8-9). As the story continues, a long discussion follows, which then turns into a challenging conversation about this great transformation. Finally, the man insists, " one thing I know, that, I was blind, now I see." (vs 25b NLT)
I cannot explain what happens when I press the 'on' switch on my computer, or the 'on' switch on the lamp next to it. 'One thing I know,"
together, they allow me the benefit of many productive and rewarding hours of reading, researching, and writing.
Neither can I explain what happens when I daily open the pages of the Holy Scriptures, reading, researching, and writing about what I have read. Like the man once blind, I can say, "one thing I know, that, I was blind, now I see."
Father, thank you for opening my once blinded eyes. Let others see the change in me ... a life of joy, peace, and hope, that you have offered through that touch, in Jesus name, Amen!
Previously posted 9/20/09

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