November 29, 2010

How We Spent Thanksgiving 2010

This year We spent Thanksgiving away from our home in a hotel with a view of trees dressed in shades of autumn regalia, and a waterfront park, and joined family and friends for a time of celebration and festivity.
My sister Molly and I captured these photos which demonstrated that much time was spent in planning, decorating the home,
preparing dining arrangements, which all contributed to a time of laughter, fun and fellowship.

After two days, we started our long drive back home. Approximately 100 miles later, this rest stop warmly invited us to take a much needed break. It was a welcomed sight.

The day is over, and the memories will linger in our hearts but, thanksgiving to our God for all that He has done, and continues to do, will never never end!
"O Lord my  God, I will give you thanks forever" ~ Psalms 30:12 (NLT)
Photos: Night view from the Hotel, Hallway Decorations, Dining Arrangements, Rest Stop, Weeping Willow in Sunset Regalia.

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