April 28, 2011

Remembering Momma Eagle

Last spring, I spent many pleasurable days observing mom and dad bald eagles and
their eaglets at Norfolk Botanical Garden. My blog entry on May 18, 2010

featured these photos of the proud parents guarding the young eaglets. Much to the delight of many, the family returned to the garden this year.  Local news from the Garden reports that “this past Tuesday, the adult female eagle was struck by an incoming airplane at Norfolk International Airport. The three surviving eaglets were removed from the nest and sent to the Wildlife Center of Virginia to be raised and released to the wild once they are  old enough.” 
I will miss seeing momma eagle circle … dive for food … perch at 90 ft … protect her young. 
Thanks momma eagle for the treasured memories!
Photos: Norfolk Botanical Garden


pattisjarrett said...

I know your heart is as broken as mine with her loss. Thanks for sharing this memory.

Anonymous said...