April 26, 2011

Still Waters

Psalm 23 has always been a favorite of mine and one of the first passages of Scripture that I memorized as a child. 

 Today as I was reading it again, verse 2b appeared so much more significant, especially the words ‘lead’ and ‘still.’
I looked up their definitions on http://dictionary.reference.com/ and these seemed to create a perfect fit.
~ “He acts as a guide, to show me the way beside waters free from turbulence or commotion.”
These winged beauties seem to understand this interpretation fully …  and me? I continue learning to be lead by my Heavenly Father, and most of all, learning to remain still and commotion free in the process!
Psalms 23:2
Photos: Mt. Trashmore Park, Virginia Beach, Va.
Norfolk Botanical Garden
Swan Terrace, Founders Inn, Virginia Beach, Va.

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pattisjarrett said...

"Still and commotion free" can be difficult skills to learn. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and lovely pictures.