October 21, 2009


One of the definitions of the word secret given by Webster's Dictionary, is-'information kept hidden from others.' Some of the sins of my past, I would have loved to have 'kept hidden' from others for the rest of my life, especially my abortion. When I chose a relationship with Jesus Christ, I felt that I should have kept them hidden from Him also. Then, I discovered through the pages of Holy Scripture, that He knows "the secrets of every heart1" anyway, and in spite of my sin, He offered me the gift of love,2 forgiveness,3 and a brand new start.4 Now, that's good news .... that's information I refuse to keep hidden from others ... that's information worth sharing the secrets of my heart for! What do you think?
1. Psalms 44:21b; 2. Jeremiah 31:3b; 3. Hebrews 10:17; 4. Isaiah 1:18


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