November 8, 2009

Low Stress Recipie

2 hands
2 knees
2 willing lips
1 quiet place
Soft music (optional)
1 Verse(s) of Scripture
10-15 minute commitment
1 index card
Make a commitment to withdraw to a quiet place. Begin by blending soft music (optional).  Raise hands in thanksgiving for the gift of a brand new day.
Add a few minutes of adoration and worship to our Heavenly Father.  In response, we will begin to feel the simmering of His presence filling our heart. Kneeling may be folded in. During the last few minutes spread in prayer for others(e.g. family members, co-workers, friends, pastors, government). Uncover Verse(s) of Scripture. Paste on index card. This can be used to pour over thoughts liberally throughout the day.
This commitment is a sure way to relieve daily stress. It has worked for myself, many others, and remains a favorite when tried.
Caution: Minutes may vary  however, the taste is guaranteed to linger … and linger … and linger!


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