November 10, 2009


Recently, I received this single red rose, and placed it next to the lamp
in the eastern corner of my living room. For three days, each time I entered the room,
it greeted me with glowing red warmth. I wished I could have preserved it
for many more days. Even after adding flower food, you guessed it, it faded.

Somehow, I am reminded of today. No matter how much I would like to preserve it,
undoubtedly, it will soon become yesterday.

Today … a passing beauty …

I must enjoy it before it quickly fades away!

The flower fades, but the word of Our God stands forever – Isaiah 40:8 (MSG)

1 comment:

Jamey said...

Beautiful post! I loved what you wrote...

"Today a passing beauty...I must enjoy it before it fades quickly away!"

That is so true.