January 2, 2010

New Year Resolutions

The beginning of a New Year is an ideal time to propose some life changing resolutions. Over the years, most of mine have had the same trend: exercise more regularly … include more fruit and vegetables in my diet … eat less double churned butter pecan ice cream! This year, I have added two to the list: be more patient with others, and share Jesus more often.
My dad shared Jesus with me at a very early age. That sharing was the foundation built on by those who followed; pastors, Sunday school teachers, Christian radio and television, Christian family and friends, and the reading of many, many books, including the Holy Scriptures.
My dad is now in heaven, but I do not believe that he ever imagined what a life changing impact those moments of sharing would have had in my life.
“The greatest honor you can do for anyone is to introduce him or her to Jesus Christ.”1
“Father this year, help me to keep my New Year resolutions, but most of all, help me to share your love with others boldly, even though I may never see the life changing results in their lives.”
                                    In Jesus name,
 1. Share Jesus Without Fear – William Fay & Ralph Hodge

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