January 22, 2016

On Behalf Of The Unborn

Sanctity of Human 2016.
Since 1973, there have been 49,551, 703 abortions in the United States of America.1
As we observe the close of Sanctity of Human Life week, would you join me in honor of the voices that have been silenced by abortion? The voices of our sons ... our daughters ... our grandchildren ...our sisters ... our brothers ... our nieces ... our nephews ... our cousins ... our friends. 
I believe if we could hear those voices speak, we would have heard them ask: “Do you know that I am a gift from the Lord,and that He knew me before He formed me in your womb?He made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in your womb,4 it is a mystery how I am formed in your womb,5 and His Spirit made me, and His Almighty breath gave me life?6

          Father, have mercy and forgive us, Forgive me,

                   In Jesus name,                      
(Above taken from a Crisis Pregnancy Center of Tidewater  presentation January 23, 2010.)
       1. Abortion Statistics
      2. Psalm 127a; 3. Jeremiah 1:5a; 4.Psalm 139:13;
      5. Ecclesiastes 11:5b; 6. Job 33:4
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