July 9, 2014

The Greatest Thief

For many years, I missed the enjoyment of swimming and aquatic activities, simply because I had heard numerous stories and seen movies of the underwater world that negatively influenced my mind. I became fearful of the undersea.
Moses too almost missed the joy of being a deliverer because he thought and believed that  he could not speak.1
Sarah almost missed the joy of motherhood because she felt limited by her age.2
Joseph almost missed the privilege of being Jesus’ earthly father by thinking about the possibility of the shame and disgrace that he and Mary could face.3
Fear is a thief that threatens to hinder us from living the abundant life that our God has promised us in His Word.4
Father, help me never to let fear rob me of the hopes, the dreams, and the plans that you have for my life,
                       In Jesus name,
1. EXODUS 4:10
2. GENESIS 18:12                                                       
3. MATTHEW 1:19-20
4. JOHN 10:10
Previously posted March 27, 2010

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