June 19, 2010

A Tribute to My Dad

A Tribute to My Dad

One who used words wisely
Whose face reflected strength
    wrapped in love
    love that held a tiny baby
    while singing lullaby and goodnight

 that held a shaking hand
 fearing the first day of school

  that supported a tiny body
  teaching it how to swim above deeper waters

  that listened as tiny hands
  banged chopsticks on a Baldwin piano

  that proudly presented his now young lady
  to a waiting would be son-in-law

Maybe it was that strength that hid the pain
Brewing beneath your breast
We should have shared that pain
The pain that took you away
    Earth has lost you
    It cries
    Heaven has gained you
    It rejoices
    still I cry
    I miss you!

© June 2003

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