September 3, 2010


Much to the delight of the younger members of my family, I finally gave in, renewed my cell phone contract, and upgraded to a new cell phone. Since the last upgrade in 2006, they had constantly reminded me that technology was moving, and I should move with it. My reasoning was, if you were able to hear me when I called you, and I was able to hear you, why was an upgrade necessary?
In the midst of technological and multi-media changes, I am grateful that one thing never changes, never expires, or never needs upgrading, the faithfulness of my Heavenly Father.
Listen to excerpts from the original contract ~ Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever1/I am the Lord and I do not change.2
I am enjoying the features of my new telephone … lightweight …
compact … camera … picture texting … and the list goes on.
What about my Heavenly contract? No plans for change, never, no never!
1. Hebrews 13:8; 2; Malachi 3:6

Photo – old phone on right, new phone on leflt

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