October 11, 2010

Weekend Encounter

My mother and I have just returned from a Women’s Encounter Weekend with a friend's Church, where we were encouraged to “come with an open heart, believing God for a life-changing encounter. Leave the world behind and come on the journey ~ He is waiting to meet you. ” We did that, and our lives have been changed. 
The Encounter was held in a quiet location surrounded by a beautifully landscaped countryside:
At night this light helped brighten our pathway:
 Signs of preparation for Winter: 
He became our friend:
This bonfire represents burning "the past and looking forward to what lies ahead": ~ Phiippians 3:13
 We can truly say, "We have seen God face to face, and our lives are preserved." ~ Jacob ~Genesis 32:30 (KJV), Italics - mine
Thank you Heavenly Father,
Photos: Spring Grove, Va.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful location you had for the women's encounter. It sounds like it was an uplifting experience. I loved all the photos...thanks for sharing them with us. :) Have a great week Merle!