October 14, 2014


One of the definitions of the word watch is: “to guard, to tend, or oversee, especially for protection or safekeeping.” This chubby tabby cat watched me cautiously on one of my recent early morning ventures searching for interesting photos. As his keen eyes followed me, I was reminded of Scripture which speak of the watchful eyes of my Heavenly Father ~ “I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go1 … I will advise you and watch over you2 … I will watch over your life3 … I will hold you by your hand and watch over you.4.” Tabby didn’t seem to feel safe with me watching him, because he ran when I tried to come nearer. Regardless, I thought his photos  spotlighting today's powerful Word was well deserved! What do you think?
1. Genesis 28:15; 2. Psalm 32:8; 3. Psalm 121:7
4. Isaiah 42:6
Previously posted 3/29/2011


pattisjarrett said...

Beautiful kitty, and a gentle reminder that we are never alone. Thanks, Merle.

Jamey said...

Beautiful post...love the photos of the cat.