April 19, 2012


My sister Molly with her green thumb gifting nurtured our pansies through recent
weather changes: 39º in February, 68º, in March and more recently 78º. We are enjoying their transforming response to the warm spring temperatures, while they flourish and spread joy and beauty to our balcony and to our home..
Heavenly Father, as you nurture us day by 
day, may we like the pansies flourish and spread Your joy and Your beauty to those around us, Amen.
 Consider how the flowers grow. They never work or spin yarn for clothes.But I say that not even Solomon in all his majesty was dressed like one of these flowers.~Luke 12:27 (GWT)


pattisj said...

Nice prayer and sentiment. Pansies are such happy little flowers.

Merle M said...

They seem to smiling don't they. Thanks Patti