February 19, 2013

Bird Nest

This bird nest was given to me by my friend Joyce who knows of my
love for creation and its amazing Creator. She lives on a farm and the nest is made from twigs and hair from her horses. It amazes me to think that our  Heavenly Father gave such wisdom to birds.
I trust that you enjoy these two intricate views as much as I enjoyed capturing them.

I know every bird on the mountains, and all the animals of the field are mine~ Psalm 50:11
Kindly lift click three times for larger views.


pattisjarrett said...

Aren't they a work of art, Merle? Each species has their own design, placement and material preference. Isn't God amazing?!

Merle said...

He is indescribable Patti. Never ceases to amaze me. Thanks for stopping by.