December 11, 2015

Another Prayer From The Psalms

During my recent walk through my favorite park, I observed this American Coot, and my heart filled with another prayer from the Psalms:
Heavenly Father,
Today, lead me beside still waters1, 

guide me with your eye2
and set my feet on the Rock3
In Jesus name,

1. Psalm 23:2; 2. Psalm 32:8 ; 3. Psalm 40:2
Photos:Mt. Trashmore Park
Previously posted 2/13/2012


pattisjarrett said...

I've never seen one of these. Always hear His words in nature, though.

Merle M said...

Patti, they spend a lot of time in and around the water close to the Edwin Drive entrance at Mount Trashmore (my favorite park).
Thanks for stopping by!